June 14, 2024


John Lee

John Lee

John Lee is the editor of KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Prior to that, he was a contributor for NK News and KOREA PRO. His focus is on South Korean foreign policy and ROK-U.S. relations.


South Korea’s sluggish renewable energy transition puts economy at risk

Falling behind other developed nations in clean energy adoption will hinder country’s competitiveness and reputation

John LeeJohn LeeJune 12, 2024

As summer rains loom, South Korea confronts the economic costs of climate change

Monsoons have wreaked destruction in recent years, underscoring risks to agriculture, industry and more as temps rise

John LeeJohn LeeJune 4, 2024

New allegations Yoon meddled in marine death case fuel scrutiny of his actions

Revelation of president’s phone calls to ex-defense chief risk turning case into all-consuming political controversy

John LeeJohn LeeMay 30, 2024

Deadlock over radioactive waste jeopardizes future of South Korean nuclear power

Political disputes have obstructed efforts to build more storage, putting energy security and economic growth at risk

John LeeJohn LeeMay 29, 2024

South Korea-China summit meeting highlights opportunities and challenges

Seoul seeks to expand trade and investment with Beijing, but with new markets come new risks

John LeeJohn LeeMay 27, 2024

ROK parliament threatens to override Yoon veto, and undermine his presidency

Some ruling party members appear willing to back investigation into marine’s death, siding with opposition over Yoon

John LeeJohn LeeMay 23, 2024

Why Samsung’s surprise semiconductor shakeup is a high-stakes gamble

Firm aims to minimize disruption by only replacing semiconductor division chief but needs decisive action to stem losses

John LeeJohn LeeMay 21, 2024

Why South Korea’s AUKUS Pillar 2 aspirations may be a distant dream

Systemic security flaws and technology leaks have called into question Seoul’s readiness for the advanced military pact

John LeeJohn LeeMay 13, 2024

How Chinese e-commerce giants are disrupting the South Korean market

Temu and AliExpress have expanded with aggressive pricing and marketing, spurring regulators to scramble for solutions

John LeeJohn LeeMay 7, 2024

Controversial deportation of foreign students highlights ROK’s immigration woes

Mismanagement and financial pressures leave students vulnerable as universities seek to offset declining enrollment

John LeeJohn LeeMay 6, 2024
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