December 08, 2023


John Lee

John Lee

John Lee is the editor of KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Prior to that, he was a contributor for NK News and KOREA PRO. His focus is on South Korean foreign policy and ROK-U.S. relations.


South Korea’s opposition party falters, despite unpopular president

Multiple scandals have sent Democratic Party’s approval rating into tailspin as parliamentary elections draw nearer

John LeeJohn LeeMay 15, 2023

Evaluating the successes and failures of Yoon Suk-yeol’s first year in office

South Korean president has been a mixed bag of foreign policy wins and mostly unpopular decision-making at home

John LeeJohn LeeMay 10, 2023

Controversy stalks Yoon and Kishida despite efforts to avoid it at summit

ROK and Japanese leaders made progress on expanding cooperation but face constituents still skeptical of rapprochement

John LeeJohn LeeMay 8, 2023

Politics of care: Uproar over nursing law sets up difficult decision for Yoon

Debate over nurses’ role in medical care has turned partisan after passage of new law without ruling party support

John LeeJohn LeeMay 3, 2023

Yoon lauds nuclear progress at US-ROK summit, but critics remain unconvinced

Experts say nuclear consultation deal is unlikely to ease ROK public’s doubts about US or enthusiasm for nuke program

John LeeJohn LeeApril 27, 2023

How Yoon-Biden summit masks South Korea’s growing concerns over US intentions

Two sides have announced major investment deals, but ROK firms fear losing competitive edge due to Washington’s policies

John LeeJohn LeeApril 26, 2023

Russian threats of reprisal if South Korea arms Ukraine likely bluster: Experts

Seoul’s change of heart about role in the war has led some in Moscow to raise specter of arming North Korea in revenge

John LeeJohn LeeApril 20, 2023

Despite improved ROK-Japan ties, an intel alliance remains a step too far

A trilateral intelligence pact would help to counter North Korea, but distrust between Seoul and Tokyo stands in the way

John LeeJohn LeeApril 18, 2023

Why spying allegations will have little impact on the US- South Korea alliance

Despite polarized reactions at home, Seoul remains focused on DPRK and trade ahead of summit in Washington this month

John LeeJohn LeeApril 12, 2023

Why South Korea is paying close attention to the indictment of Donald Trump

Seoul's fear of abandonment will rise again if former president remains favorite for GOP nomination in 2024, experts say

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 31, 2023
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