March 27, 2023


John Lee

John Lee is the editor of KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Prior to that, he was a contributor for NK News and KOREA PRO. His focus is on South Korean foreign policy and ROK-U.S. relations. Follow him on Twitter at @koreanforeigner.


Yoon Suk-yeol’s task: Convincing South Koreans it’s OK to get along with Japan

Japan’s decision to lift export curbs could benefit ROK chip firms, but Yoon faces opposition to his outreach to Tokyo

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 17, 2023

Yoon travels to Tokyo seeking reset between South Korea and Japan

Historical disputes derailed ties for years, but whether they improve largely depends on reciprocity from Kishida

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 16, 2023

Why the mayor of Seoul, a municipal leader, is calling for nuclear weapons

Oh Se-hoon has outsized political influence that could shape ROK debate on nukes — and boost his presidential ambitions

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 15, 2023

South Korean exporters face uphill battle as EU mulls raw materials law

Europe’s answer to Inflation Reduction Act could force shift in facilities and supply lines that few firms can afford

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 13, 2023

Yoon Suk-yeol’s state visit to the US could be his greatest challenge yet

Beset by trade disagreements with US and deteriorating economy, Yoon must deliver results ahead of next year’s election

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 10, 2023

Why South Korea’s new ruling party leader faces difficult days ahead

Kim Gi-hyeon faces corruption allegations and will have to win over those who view him as too close to president

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 8, 2023

South Korea has good reason to reconsider costs of providing weapons to Ukraine

US and its allies are nudging Seoul to arm Kyiv, and some experts say Russia will have limited ability to retaliate

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 6, 2023

Why South Korea is grumbling about new US chip restrictions on China

ROK semiconductor firms may lose billions if unable to utilize recent factory investments throughout supply chains

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 2, 2023

South Korea’s opposition leader avoids arrest, but his party isn’t celebrating

National Assembly votes to save Lee Jae-myung by single vote, revealing many within his party want to see him jailed

John LeeJohn LeeFebruary 28, 2023

South Korea struggles to tackle its growing rice supply glut

Years of cozy relationships between politicians and farmers have incentivized surplus that cannot be controlled

John LeeJohn LeeFebruary 23, 2023
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