July 20, 2024


John Lee

John Lee

John Lee is the editor of KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Prior to that, he was a contributor for NK News and KOREA PRO. His focus is on South Korean foreign policy and ROK-U.S. relations.


Power struggles loom in South Korea as parties prepare for post-election battles

General election outcome could create more polarized political environment as presidential hopefuls jockey for position

John LeeJohn LeeApril 10, 2024

Sanctions strain South Korea-Russia ties as Seoul weighs military aid to Ukraine

ROK faces mounting pressure realize ‘global pivotal state’ ambitions, but helping Kyiv could come at great cost

John LeeJohn LeeApril 8, 2024

South Korea-Japan-China summit faces uphill battle amid regional tensions

The three East Asian nations may aim to boost cooperation, but deep-rooted mistrust will likely hinder progress

John LeeJohn LeeApril 5, 2024

Trump’s 2024 bid could reshape global defense industry, impact South Korea

South Korean defense firms could benefit from increased allied spending, but face competition and U.S. market risks

John LeeJohn LeeApril 3, 2024

Why South Korea’s ruling party wants to relocate parliament outside Seoul

Moving National Assembly could promote regional development and win votes, but may also be unconstitutional

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 28, 2024

How plans to upgrade US-Japan defense pact complicate Seoul’s strategic calculus

South Korea may double-down on trilateral cooperation to avoid being sidelined, but risks blowback from neighbors

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 26, 2024

South Korea eyes joining G7, but faces hurdles amid democratic backsliding

Bid to join elite group will depend on ability to address domestic and global challenges, including risks for China ties

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 20, 2024

Yoon’s controversial ambassador pick sparks political firestorm in South Korea

Appointment of ex-defense chief under investigation risks stoking public outrage and damaging ties with Australia

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 11, 2024

Why a push to reform South Korean spy law risks a diplomatic fallout with China

Current ROK law only forbids espionage for North Korea, while focusing on punishments over measures to prevent leaks

John LeeJohn LeeMarch 4, 2024

Why South Koreans pursue convenience store dreams in an oversaturated market

An unforgiving job market is driving self-employment, but new business owners quickly find the odds stacked against them

John LeeJohn LeeFebruary 27, 2024
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