July 20, 2024


John Lee

John Lee

John Lee is the editor of KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Prior to that, he was a contributor for NK News and KOREA PRO. His focus is on South Korean foreign policy and ROK-U.S. relations.


Why supporting Taiwan remains a bridge too far for South Korea

Indirect aid would align Seoul with other liberal democracies, but memories of Chinese economic retaliation linger

John LeeJohn LeeJune 1, 2022

As Seoul joins NATO cyber group, Chinese propagandist threatens Ukraine ‘path’

Threatening to invade South Korea will do little to improve the image of China among the ROK public

John LeeJohn LeeMay 6, 2022

The rocky shoals on which Yoon Suk-yeol’s foreign policy could shipwreck

New ROK president will have to navigate US, China and North Korea policies, with few options that make all sides happy

John LeeJohn LeeMay 4, 2022
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