May 26, 2024


Sooyoung Oh

Sooyoung Oh

Sooyoung Oh is a South Korean journalist based in Seoul. She anchors a current affairs program on Arirang TV and worked previously as a Seoul correspondent for United Press International.


Yoon moves to iron out inconsistent media strategy after major election loss

President reinstates civil affairs secretary position to improve communication and gauge public sentiment

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhMay 8, 2024

How South Korea plans to forge ahead with Indo-Pacific Strategy amid tensions

Yoon Suk-yeol’s cabinet reshuffle signals South Korea’s focus on US relations and addressing regional threats

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhDecember 20, 2023

How South Korea’s industry minister nominee will implement Yoon’s trade strategy

Ahn Duk-geun will likely pursue targeted bilateral agreements to overcome protectionism and enhance domestic industries

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhDecember 18, 2023

Biden’s Camp David challenge: Incentivizing improved South Korea-Japan relations

As Korean and Japanese leaders face waning approval ahead of elections, it’s up to US to nudge them to fortify relations

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhAugust 11, 2023

How US-South Korea Nuclear Consultative Group portends a new era of diplomacy

Leaders from the US, South Korea and Japan seek to bolster defense alliances amid escalating regional security concerns

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhJuly 27, 2023

China needs South Korea’s semiconductors, even though it hates Yoon’s policies

Experts say Beijing may use economic coercion again as Seoul embraces US leadership, but it can only push so far

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhJune 16, 2023

Why the US-ROK summit will be an important litmus test for Yoon’s foreign policy

South Korea’s president will seek economic deals and security guarantees to justify his staunchly pro-US rhetoric

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhApril 21, 2023

New defense white paper reflects Yoon Suk-yeol’s hardline stance on North Korea

Seoul labels Pyongyang as its enemy and emphasizes cooperation and deterrence with Washington and Tokyo

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhFebruary 16, 2023

What the US midterm results mean for South Korea’s security and economy

China remains at center of US foreign policy in East Asia, leaving little room for imagination on the Korean Peninsula

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhNovember 14, 2022

Friends without benefits: How a new US law penalizes South Korean carmakers

Inflation Reduction Act casts doubt over Washington’s commitment to multilateralism and economic security of its allies

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhAugust 30, 2022