May 26, 2024


Sooyoung Oh

Sooyoung Oh

Sooyoung Oh is a South Korean journalist based in Seoul. She anchors a current affairs program on Arirang TV and worked previously as a Seoul correspondent for United Press International.


Why South Korea’s biggest chipmakers are betting big on US over China

Samsung and SK Hynix appear on board with US vision for semiconductor alliance with advanced East Asian economies

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How ride-sharing services like Uber could end Seoul’s dire taxi shortage

Drivers aren’t returning after industry exodus during pandemic, leaving people stranded even in city center at night

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How South Korea’s market-friendly policies impede innovation

Yoon administration’s economic approach may benefit corporate giants but is likely to crowd out smaller enterprise

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How South Korea’s exclusive press clubs undermine democracy

Close ties between media and government inhibit hard-hitting reporting and compromise journalism's watchdog role

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South Korea keeps strategic ambiguity alive by joining US-led economic framework

Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is low risk and low reward for Seoul unlikely to raise eyebrows in Beijing, experts say

Sooyoung OhSooyoung OhMay 25, 2022

How politicization of South Korea’s COVID-19 response has undercut its successes

Moon administration has failed to adapt its approach to address changing situation and economic pain, experts say

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