February 21, 2024


Karl Friedhoff

Karl Friedhoff

Karl Friedhoff is the Marshall M. Bouton Fellow for Asia Studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


Yoon’s low approval rating threatens South Korean ruling party’s election hopes

Power Power Party faces internal discord and leadership vacuum, but fragmentation in opposition muddies election picture

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffDecember 14, 2023

How former ruling party leader plans to disrupt South Korea’s upcoming elections

Amid internal strife in major parties, Lee Jun-seok’s political maneuvering could reshape the 2024 election landscape

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffNovember 30, 2023

South Korea’s pre-election turmoil: Ruling party grapples with policy crises

Struggling with policy reception and growing safety issues, the People Power Party faces challenging electoral prospects

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffNovember 15, 2023

Election pressures mount for Yoon Suk-yeol as approval among supporters slips

Economy and real estate loom over South Korean parliamentary elections, with president at risk of becoming lame duck

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffNovember 8, 2023

How an aging population and fiscal conservatism are shaping ROK defense spending

Seoul has balanced between domestic concerns and external threats, but economic realities now threaten the equilibrium

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMay 9, 2023

Yoon’s approval ratings hold steady despite controversy over Japan remarks

Polls move little after ROK president said Tokyo need not apologize for historical sins, suggesting approval floor

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffApril 28, 2023

Conservative base still behind Yoon, but broader support appears to wane

Approval ratings drop after Japan summit, but myriad other factors likely behind South Korean president’s unpopularity

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMarch 31, 2023

Yoon’s support stands firm despite South Korean opposition to forced labor deal

President’s conservative base backs agreement with Japan, showing Yoon has free hand to pursue foreign policy vision

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMarch 13, 2023

Polling mirage? Yoon Suk-yeol’s rising approval rates may not be what they seem

New survey puts South Korean president’s popularity at 8-month high but may not provide sound basis for policy decisions

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMarch 9, 2023

Lee Jae-myung could make strong push for presidency if he can overcome scandals

Early poll suggests South Koreans prefer Democratic leader as next political leader, but caveats abound

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffFebruary 9, 2023
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