March 03, 2024


Karl Friedhoff

Karl Friedhoff

Karl Friedhoff is the Marshall M. Bouton Fellow for Asia Studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.


South Korean president hemorrhages support as unforced errors pile up

Many in Yoon's own party oppose push to reform police oversight, while critics accuse him of unilateral decision-making

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffAugust 1, 2022

Yoon’s approval rating hits new low, jeopardizing his domestic agenda

Support among conservatives falters as controversies swirl around South Korean president's administration and party

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffJuly 25, 2022

South Korean voters appear tired of Yoon Suk-yeol, less than 3 months into term

President is even losing support among oldest voters, long a reliable base for conservative politicians

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffJuly 12, 2022

South Korea blasts off into space without clear vision for where it’s going

Despite ambitions to explore final frontier, Seoul’s investment into its space program lags far behind

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffJuly 5, 2022

Abandoning phaseout, South Korea moves to get nuclear exports back on track

Seoul has set ambitious targets for building power plants abroad, as companies bet on burgeoning small reactor market

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffJune 21, 2022

South Korea’s nascent aircraft carrier on chopping block as Yoon focuses on DPRK

Labeling North Korea ‘main enemy’ paves way for shift in defense spending priorities, setting up political fight

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMay 31, 2022

What South Koreans care about most as Yoon Suk-yeol enters office

Incoming president faces sizable hurdles to domestic agenda but will have a freer hand to improve ties with Japan

Karl FriedhoffKarl FriedhoffMay 3, 2022