July 24, 2024

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim, Contributing Analyst

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim, Contributing Analyst

As an expert on diplomacy and foreign affairs, Kim covers South Korea’s foreign policy for KOREA PRO.

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim is a Ph.D. Candidate specializing in international cooperation at Yonsei University. She is also a contributing analyst at Korea Pro, part of the Korea Risk Group and serves as a non-resident fellow at the Korea Economic Institute of America. Kim’s earlier tenure includes her role as a research associate at the East Asia Institute, a Seoul-based think tank. During her time at EAI, her responsibilities encompassed researching East Asian politics and public opinion, managing external affairs and organizing academic seminars.

Kim’s professional background is further distinguished by her experiences at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Korea Chair and her role as Policy Secretary to Speaker Kang Chang-hee at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. Her academic pursuits have led her to be a Korea Foundation fellow at the Pacific Forum, focusing on diplomatic and economic policies, and a visiting scholar at the East-West Center in Washington for the U.S.-South Korea Cooperation in Southeast Asia research and exchange program, supported by the Korea Foundation.

Her scholarly writing primarily addresses themes such as U.S.-South Korea relations, South Korea-Southeast Asian relations, North Korean issues and East Asian regionalism. Kim holds a Master of Arts in Asian Studies from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from Ewha University.

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