December 08, 2023


Sea Young (Sarah) Kim

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim

Sea Young (Sarah) Kim is a visiting scholar for the United States-South Korea Cooperation in Southeast Asia Program at the East-West Center in Washington, supported by the Korea Foundation. Her writing focuses on U.S.-South Korea relations, South Korea-Southeast Asia relations, and East Asian regionalism. You can follow her on Twitter.


South Korea and China move to normalize diplomacy, even as Yoon looks West

Top Beijing official offered few alternatives to coax neighbor out of US orbit during recent visit to Seoul, expert says

Sea Young (Sarah) KimSea Young (Sarah) KimSeptember 19, 2022

Why South Korea’s efforts to combat human trafficking have fallen short

ROK’s downgrading in recent report reflects longstanding issues with how it defines and prosecutes trafficking

Sea Young (Sarah) KimSea Young (Sarah) KimAugust 2, 2022

South Korea’s tilt toward US risks stalling growing ties with Southeast Asia

Seoul’s embrace of new ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’ will require efforts to reassure partners of its commitment to region

Sea Young (Sarah) KimSea Young (Sarah) KimJune 23, 2022

How can South Korea matter more in the world? By improving gender equality.

Yoon Suk-yeol's goal of turning country into a ‘global pivot state’ can’t happen until he drops anti-feminist positions

Sea Young (Sarah) KimSea Young (Sarah) KimMay 12, 2022