September 21, 2023


Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Peter Ward is a senior researcher at Kookmin University, a writer and researcher focusing on the North Korean economy, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.


South Korea’s fiscal balancing act: Repercussions of austerity measures

The nation’s fiscal shortfall is real, but budget cuts undermining key sectors could diminish future growth prospects

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 18, 2023

How China’s ongoing economic struggles impact South Korean exporters

As Chinese real estate woes and mercantilist policies persist, other emerging markets present new horizons for growth

Peter WardPeter WardSeptember 4, 2023

South Korea’s dual economy: Manufacturing might vs service slump

While manufacturing thrives, service sector grapples with productivity as it struggles with structural inefficiencies

Peter WardPeter WardAugust 9, 2023

How wealth, taste and demographics are changing South Korea’s retail sector

As societal values shift, there is a surge in demand for upscale establishments as retailers shift to virtual stores

Peter WardPeter WardJune 12, 2023

South Korea’s pension fund careens toward demographic cliff

Aging population threatens sustainability of system, forcing hard choices about retirement, immigration and more

Peter WardPeter WardApril 25, 2023

South Korea’s twin deficit problem: government and current account deficits

Rising costs and government borrowing worry policymakers as country faces twin deficits for first time in 25 years

Peter WardPeter WardApril 5, 2023

Why there are reasons to worry about South Korea banks after SVB collapse

While SVB-style bank run is unlikely, smaller ROK financial institutions are more vulnerable

Peter WardPeter WardMarch 20, 2023

What the Bank of Korea hopes and fears for the South Korean economy in 2023

Governor Rhee Chang-yong believes prospects are good, but housing market and US-China competition remain risks

Peter WardPeter WardJanuary 19, 2023

What rising interest rates mean for the South Korean real estate market

Affluent Koreans may weather their debts, but pain will be acute for marginal groups

Peter WardPeter WardDecember 21, 2022

Legoland default a bleak signal for South Korea’s corporate bond market

ROK authorities have indicated they’ll intervene to avert a crisis, but some defaults and rate raises likely inevitable

Peter WardPeter WardNovember 7, 2022