July 24, 2024

Junghyun Song, Contributing Analyst

Junghyun Song, Contributing Analyst

As an expert on social issues, Song covers cultural trends, social policies that affect young people for KOREA PRO.

Song, a native of Seoul, is an emerging journalist known for her engaging coverage of South Korean stories. Her journey into journalism is rooted in her multicultural upbringing, having been immersed in diverse cultures while studying in Malaysia and the Netherlands. This exposure not only fostered her love for the English language but also sparked her curiosity about cultural diversity.

During her undergraduate studies at a Dutch liberal arts college, Song majored in psychology. Her deepening understanding of human behavior and the workings of the mind transformed her from an introvert to an extrovert, a change that significantly influenced her career path. While in college, Song actively contributed as a student reporter for an English magazine, where she discovered her passion for combining writing with her fascination for human stories.

This realization steered her toward journalism, culminating in a one-year internship at The Korea Herald, South Korea’s biggest English-language newspaper, upon her return to Seoul in the winter of 2022. At the Herald, Song honed her skills across two departments — the digital and finance desks. In the digital desk, she managed social media channels, staying abreast of industry trends. Meanwhile, at the finance desk, she diligently reported on sectors including retail, transport, finance, technology and industry, showcasing her versatility and growing expertise.

Initially tentative about her career choice, Song’s internship experience cemented her commitment to journalism. She thrives on learning and connecting with people from various backgrounds. As she moves forward in her career, Song aspires to be a professional journalist.

Her goal is to produce unique and comprehensive stories that span society, culture, business and politics, offering international readers insightful perspectives on the Korean Peninsula’s dynamics.

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