December 08, 2023


Junghyun Song

Junghyun Song

Junghyun is a media-friendly junior journalist with a BA in Liberal Arts and Science from the Netherlands. Raised in South Korea, Malaysia and the Netherlands, she is currently based in Seoul, undergoing her journalism internship program at The Korea Herald, South Korea’s largest English newspaper company. Her main interest is in covering South Korean culture and social affairs.


South Korea’s tech giant struggles amid legal and market turmoil

Facing lawsuits, stock market declines and presidential criticism, Kakao Corporation reassesses its strategies

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongDecember 5, 2023

Ageism in the fast lane: South Korea’s contentious subway and airport debate

Debates over free rides and airport loiterers reflect a society grappling with ageism and inadequate senior support

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongNovember 9, 2023

Why a critical shortage of doctors in South Korea has sparked a national debate

As long-standing disagreements resurface, doctors and the government lock horns over proposed medical education reforms

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongOctober 26, 2023

Why South Korea’s operating room surveillance is igniting controversy

Growing distrust in medical community leads to law mandating cameras in operating rooms, sparking a national debate

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongOctober 19, 2023

Hungarian medical school admissions ignite a debate on fairness in South Korea

As affluent parents secure places for their children to study in Hungary, some in the local medical field cry foul

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongSeptember 6, 2023

Intense work, intense play: How Koreans’ work culture impacts their travel plans

Fast-paced express tour packages speak to work ethic and limited time off, but younger demographics may be changing that

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongAugust 28, 2023

Violence against teachers raises alarm about South Korea’s toxic schools

Educators allege legal changes have diluted their authority and empowered parental bullying, sparking teacher exodus

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongAugust 1, 2023

Recent infanticide cases expose challenges single mothers face in South Korea

Tightening laws and penalties for infant abandonment belie complex and deeper societal issues that are being overlooked

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongJuly 19, 2023

Won for all, all for won: Why some young South Koreans embrace frugality

As economic pressures mount, a growing number are trading conspicuous consumption for thriftiness

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongJune 23, 2023

Why South Korea’s cheap breakfast program leaves a bitter taste of inequality

77-cent meal program for college students has been runaway success, but some raise concerns about those left out

Junghyun SongJunghyun SongJune 14, 2023