July 24, 2024

Célio Fioretti, Contributing Analyst

Célio Fioretti, Contributing Analyst

As an expert on EU-South Korea relations, Fioretti covers South Korea’s relations with the European Union for KOREA PRO

Celio Fioretti is a French journalist serving as a correspondent in Korea for various French media outlets, including broadcast and newspapers, primarily for La Croix and RFI. His coverage extends to both South and North Korea. Fioretti’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, followed by a journalism degree from the Ecole Publique de Journalisme de Tours in France, where he specialized in international news.

Fioretti’s journalistic career began in France before he moved to Seoul in 2022. This relocation was part of an exchange program at Sungkyunkwan University, after which he began his role as a part-time correspondent for French media outlets.

His reporting primarily focuses on international politics and economic affairs related to both Koreas. Additionally, Fioretti is known for his coverage of societal issues in the ROK.

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