July 25, 2024


Celio Fioretti

Celio Fioretti

Celio Fioretti is a French freelance journalist based in Seoul, covering both Koreas for French media. He focuses mainly on economic and geopolitical issues.


US-China trade war pushes South Korean companies to invest in Africa

Inconsistent policies and lack of infrastructure pose hurdles for firms seeking to diversify supply chains in Africa

Celio FiorettiCelio FiorettiApril 8, 2024

How South Korea’s arms export boom challenges European defense industry

South Korea’s rapid advancement in arms trade brings new competitive pressures to the European defense industry

Celio FiorettiCelio FiorettiNovember 14, 2023

South Korea and Uzbekistan put money troubles aside to focus on developing ties

Agreement on Tashkent’s outstanding payment of $1B will facilitate greater ROK investment in resource-rich country

Celio FiorettiCelio FiorettiSeptember 14, 2023

How the K-Rice Belt symbolizes South Korea’s economic aspirations in Africa

The project paves the way for wider economic agreements, strengthening international ties between South Korea and Africa

Celio FiorettiCelio FiorettiJuly 24, 2023

Why France-Korea ties remain underdeveloped despite push to boost cooperation

Cultural exchange has flourished in recent years, but Korean companies remain hesitant to reciprocate French investments

Celio FiorettiCelio FiorettiJune 22, 2023