December 08, 2023


Justin Yeo

Justin Yeo

Justin Hyun-jun Yeo is a research assistant to Professor Andrei Lankov at Kookmin University in Seoul. His areas of expertise include ROK domestic politics and Korea-Japan relations, as well as international relations in East Asia.


Why a local by-election in Seoul spells trouble for Yoon Suk-yeol administration

The opposition’s landslide win highlights waning support for Yoon, especially among young and middle-class voters

Justin YeoJustin YeoOctober 24, 2023

South Korean opposition leader’s arrest warrant denial reflects fractured party

The juxtaposition between the vote on Lee Jae-myung’s parliamentary immunity and arrest rejection bolsters his position

Justin YeoJustin YeoSeptember 27, 2023

South Korea’s auxiliary police force: Logistical challenges and political debate

As the country reels from violent crimes, Seoul proposes reintroducing a disbanded police force but hurdles abound

Justin YeoJustin YeoSeptember 12, 2023

How a South Korean creditor’s troubles put ROK financial stability at risk

Saemaul Geumgo’s over-investment in real estate financing and liquidity issues could snowball into major problems

Justin YeoJustin YeoAugust 30, 2023

From digital threats to real-world violence: The thin, blurring line

As Korean authorities balance public safety and online freedom, anonymity and easily bypassed laws lead to challenges

Justin YeoJustin YeoAugust 8, 2023

Green tie politics: A former prime minister’s return ripples through South Korea

Known as a moderate voice, Lee Nak-yeon’s return from US could fuel tensions in progressive party ahead of elections

Justin YeoJustin YeoJuly 3, 2023

In South Korea, demographics are turning classrooms into retirement homes

Millions of elderly and few children are driving entire rural communities into extinction — and Seoul has few answers

Justin YeoJustin YeoJune 5, 2023

Yoon Suk-yeol’s summit in Washington met with lukewarm reception in Seoul

In rare show of unity, both left and right fault president for allegedly conceding right to go nuclear in deal with US

Justin YeoJustin YeoMay 4, 2023

Seoul’s foreign policy divisions bubble to surface after key adviser resigns

Reshuffle in national security office sets stage for politicking, which could come at expense of South Korea’s interests

Justin YeoJustin YeoApril 24, 2023

How South Korea’s political parties are preparing for upcoming campaign season

A Korea Pro analysis on the two major parties’ strengths and weaknesses, prospects for victory and election goals

Justin YeoJustin YeoApril 10, 2023
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