May 26, 2024


Kim Yeon-joong

Kim Yeon-joong

Kim Yeon-joong is working towards her Master's degree in International Cooperation, specializing in sustainability and human rights, at Seoul National University's Graduate School of International Studies. She holds a degree in communication from the University of Washington and has written articles for Korean residents in the U.S., published by Korea Joongang Daily newspaper.


Elderly South Koreans face digital isolation as government slashes tech budget

Budget cuts and rapid digitalization leave elderly citizens grappling with isolation and limited access to services

Kim Yeon-joongKim Yeon-joongApril 26, 2024

South Korea’s unprepared classrooms tested by rising multiculturalism

Over 180,000 students struggle as policies and societal attitudes lag behind diversity needs

Kim Yeon-joongKim Yeon-joongApril 2, 2024

South Korea’s youth exodus challenges corporate culture

As young employees leave in droves, companies seek new strategies to retain emerging talent

Kim Yeon-joongKim Yeon-joongMarch 4, 2024