July 24, 2024


Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim

Jeongmin Kim is the Lead Correspondent at NK News and Editorial Director at KOREA PRO, based in Seoul. Kim covers inter-Korean relations and North and South Korean foreign and military affairs. Kim has covered the 2022 ROK presidential election on the ground, and prior to joining NK News, she worked for the CSIS Korea Chair in Washington D.C. and Reuters news agency’s Seoul bureau.


Chung Jin-suk, the president’s new chief of staff, is no stranger to controversy

Despite his acerbic tongue, Chung is known for avoiding intra-party factional politics and being ‘personable’

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimApril 24, 2024

South Korea’s historic opposition win sets the stage for a political showdown

Yoon Suk-yeol faces potential investigations, public scrutiny and legislative challenges in the wake of the election

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimApril 12, 2024

South Korea’s general elections marred by smear campaigns and uncertainty

As parties focus on negative tactics, voter turnout and undecided voters hold the key to election outcome

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimApril 9, 2024

How Yong Hye-in made her name pushing progressive causes that others won’t

A champion of basic income, the young lawmaker has won praise from even opponents for her legislative acumen

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 22, 2024

Former justice minister’s comeback splits progressives along generational lines

Cho Kuk’s popularity among older progressives contrasts with disdain from younger voters wary of corruption

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 15, 2024

Han Dong-hoon’s rise from prosecutor to presidential frontrunner

Korea Pro charts how the ruling party boss built his fame tackling corruption and launched an unlikely political career

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 14, 2024

Election Watch: South Korean parliament’s female representation likely to erode

Experts tell Korea Pro that despite promises from major parties, female political representation will remain low

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 8, 2024

Kim Chong-in the ‘Kingmaker,’ failed dreams of economic democracy

Korea Pro profiles Kim Chong-in, who oversees candidate nomination at the New Reform Party

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 7, 2024

Election watch: South Korean opposition in turmoil over how it selects lawmakers

Critics say party is favoring candidates loyal to Lee Jae-myung, eroding public trust and party’s electoral prospects

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimMarch 1, 2024

Election Watch: Centrist dreams falter as South Korea’s big tent party collapses

Breakup of New Reform Party and main opposition missteps position the ruling conservative party to gain

Jeongmin KimJeongmin KimFebruary 23, 2024