December 08, 2023


Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna is a Senior Editor with the Sino-NK research group. He's lived in South Korea since 2014.


Balancing economic leverage: South Korea’s energy reliance on Russia

Both nations need to maintain economic collaboration, but when push comes to shove, South Korea has more to lose

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 26, 2023

Balancing convenience and security: South Korea’s cybersecurity challenge

Despite the government’s attempts to bolster its digital defenses, the South Korean public remains lax, experts say

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 13, 2023

How graft and geopolitics risk South Korea’s development assistance to Ukraine

Seoul hopes to tap Poland’s growing relations with Ukraine to boost Korean businesses, but success is not guaranteed

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaAugust 29, 2023

How Russia’s possible DPRK sanctions breach impacts South Korea’s calculus

Escalating military ties between Moscow and Pyongyang are too profound for Seoul to ignore for long

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaAugust 10, 2023

How Russia’s power struggles create a geopolitical quandary for South Korea

Fallout of Wagner uprising could increase factionalism and impact ties with DPRK, posing risks and opportunities for ROK

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJune 29, 2023

How the war in Ukraine jeopardizes South Korea’s economic ambitions in Eurasia

Seoul has long sought stronger foothold in regional markets but may have to shift strategies the longer war continues

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaFebruary 24, 2023

Why the next two years could be critical for future of South Korea-Ecuador ties

Seoul would benefit from cooperation as Ecuador serves on Security Council, but Quito’s domestic politics could intrude

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJanuary 31, 2023

South Korea must change how it views Africa for economic ties to flourish

Seoul’s relationship with the continent remains premised on an outdated model of finished goods for natural resources

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJanuary 20, 2023

South Korea sees shared values, economic partners on the African continent

ROK must chart its way carefully to work with African nations as an equal partner, not a domineering force

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaDecember 20, 2022

How fear of China helps drive discussions about South Korean nukes

Some in Seoul not only fault Beijing for failing to curtail North Korea but seek an answer to Chinese military might

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaDecember 6, 2022