July 24, 2024

Daniel Tudor, Contributing Analyst

Daniel Tudor, Contributing Analyst

As an expert on business and economics, Tudor covers South Korean economic and financial news for KOREA PRO.

Daniel Tudor is a former journalist at the Economist and the author of multiple books about Korea. He has been living in and writing about Korea for over a decade. His works include “Korea: The Impossible Country,” which was translated into multiple languages, and “North Korea Confidential,” which was named one of the Economist’s “Books of 2015.”

He is also the co-founder of a craft beer company and a web fiction app which he sold to Kakao, a leading South Korean tech company. He was also an advisor to the presidential office of South Korea, making him the first foreign national to hold such a position in South Korea post-democratization.

He was also a regular columnist for the Joongang Ilbo newspaper, a South Korean daily, from 2013 to 2016. His work has also appeared in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and other publications. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University. He lives in Seoul with his wife and daughter.

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