July 24, 2024

Albert Lee, Contributing Analyst

Albert Lee, Contributing Analyst

As an expert on Southeast Asia and military aviation, Lee covers the ROK’s diplomacy with Southeast Asia for KOREA PRO.

Albert Lee is a freelance journalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, proficient in English, Chinese and Malay. He has established a career in journalism, focusing on regional and global defense and conflict news. Lee’s reporting has been featured across various online platforms, including Overt Defense, Defense Archives and Naval News.

Beyond his journalism career, Lee is also actively involved in the community. He currently serves as the secretary for Scale Modellers Malaysia, a role he will maintain through 2024. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the art of scale modeling.

His professional expertise and interests primarily revolve around military aviation, particularly the development of East Asian air forces. Lee’s deep understanding and knowledge in this specialized field have greatly contributed to his standing as a respected journalist in the area of defense and military affairs.

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