May 26, 2024


Yeji Chung

Yeji Chung

Yeji Chung is a news trainee at NK News and studies political science at George Washington University.


The cost of labor: Foreign workers face workplace hazards in South Korea

Rising incidents of migrant worker deaths spotlight systemic inadequacies and discrimination in Korea’s labor market

Yeji ChungYeji ChungJuly 17, 2023

South Korea’s tech paradox: How local constraints thwart its global ambitions

Claims of national security underpin map data policies, yet experts suggest the aim may be to shield domestic companies

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Yeji ChungJuly 11, 2023

Behind the screen: How South Korean minors are exploited in digital sex trade

As criminals utilize online platforms and cryptocurrency, battle against sex trafficking becomes increasingly complex

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Yeji ChungJuly 10, 2023

Fast food, slow progress: How South Korean labor laws fail delivery workers

Business is booming on app-based delivery services, but non-salaried drivers remain vulnerable to exploitation

Yeji ChungYeji ChungJune 28, 2023

How South Korea is embracing marginalized Koreans in Russia and Ukraine

South Korea's efforts to integrate ethnic Koreans emerge as a potential solution to the country’s demographic crisis

Yeji ChungYeji ChungJune 15, 2023

A South Korean crypto scandal is testing the political loyalties of young voters

Allegations against opposition lawmaker have led young people to abandon party, threatening its parliamentary majority

Yeji ChungYeji ChungJune 2, 2023

How South Korea’s Nuri rocket boosts its space and defense capabilities

The successful launch aligns with Seoul’s plans to boost aerospace exports and explore the Moon and Mars

Yeji ChungYeji ChungMay 26, 2023

Pride denied: Seoul’s venue rejection draws international criticism

Favoring Christian event over LGBTQ festival raises questions about Korea’s belief in equality and non-discrimination

Jeongmin KimJeongmin Kim | Yeji ChungMay 17, 2023

Why more young South Koreans are grappling with drug abuse and addiction

High stress society pushes kids toward temporary relief, with almost no mental health or rehab treatments available

Yeji ChungYeji ChungMay 12, 2023

How hierarchy and toxic masculinity fuel sexual abuse in South Korea’s military

Suicide of young officer after assault emblematic of culture that often encourages cover-ups and silence, experts say

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Yeji ChungApril 6, 2023