December 08, 2023


Lina Park

Lina Park

Lina Park is a news trainee at NK News. She previously researched North Korean human rights issues at Hanvoice and South Korean foreign relations at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada.


South Korea’s immigration dilemma puts Southeast Asians in the spotlight

Tough immigration checks raise questions on racial profiling amid concerns about undocumented migrants and illicit drugs

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Why a controversial new law allows South Korean women to give birth anonymously

Law aims to improve outcomes for babies of unwed mothers, but experts say children also have right to know parents

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Between protection and prosecution: South Korea’s self-defense paradox

Amid recent violent attacks sparking demand for self-defense equipment, experts weigh in on “justifiable defense”

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Why opposition leader’s hunger strike is different from those that came before

While past political figures used protest to advance South Korea’s democracy, experts say Lee’s protest is more nuanced

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Tipping the debate: The growing controversy over South Korea’s gratuity culture

The introduction of a foreign practice that locals have long eschewed has led to diverse opinions about equity

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