July 22, 2024


Irina Korgun

Irina Korgun

Irina Korgun holds a Ph.D. and is currently a visiting scholar at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies' EU center in Seoul. Her visit is sponsored by the Korea Foundation fellowship program. Her expertise lies in trade and economic development within Korea.


Why South Korea’s e-commerce boom faces global integration hurdles

Record sales spurred by Chinese platforms contrast with challenges in growing Korea’s digital market presence abroad

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Why India is largely absent in South Korea’s Indo-Pacific strategy

South Korea's economic outreach to India is marred by challenges despite potential gains

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South Korea’s economic package sparks concerns of domestic, global consequences

Economic strategy focuses on industry giants, possibly sidelining SMEs and deepening inequality

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Economic ups and downs mark South Korea’s 2023 journey

Despite facing global tension and slowdowns, the nation’s diverse sectors manage to remain resilient

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South Korea faces cybersecurity crisis amid R&D budget cuts

The Yoon administration’s reduction in R&D funding raises concerns over national cyber defense capabilities

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How South Korea balances its energy trade with Russia amid Western sanctions

South Korea’s strategic response to evolving global sanctions shapes its Russian energy imports

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How South Korea’s youth redefine national consumer trends

The growing preference for personalization and luxury among young South Korean consumers alters commercial strategies

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South Korea’s entry in global digital economy pact signals ambitious goals

Through its involvement in DEPA, South Korea aims to lead and innovate in global digital commerce and cybersecurity

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