July 20, 2024


Hyojin Kim

Hyojin Kim

Hyojin Kim is a former reporter at the Korea Times, South Korea’s largest English-language daily, where she covered South Korean politics and the National Assembly.


Tying the knot or not: South Korea’s trend of delayed marriage registration

Couples remain single on paper to improve their chances of securing affordable apartments in a competitive market

Hyojin KimHyojin KimJuly 12, 2024

What’s in a name? For South Koreans, a chance at a better life

As family structures evolve and individualism grows, more South Koreans are adopting new names to reflect their identity

Hyojin KimHyojin KimJune 11, 2024

South Korean authorities struggle to keep pace with evolving phishing tactics

As scammers adapt their methods, vulnerable individuals continue to be exploited by criminal networks

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMay 28, 2024

South Korea’s eldercare crisis leaves families buckling under caregiving weight

High costs and inadequate public support force families to shoulder the burden, leading to tragic consequences

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMay 14, 2024

South Korea’s spy camera epidemic persists despite stricter laws

Wide availability, lenient sentencing and societal attitudes hinder progress in combating digital sex crimes

Hyojin KimHyojin KimApril 30, 2024

South Korea’s apartment dwellers face violent crimes amid noise disputes

Experts point to inadequate construction and dispute resolution as the main factors fueling the surge in conflicts

Hyojin KimHyojin KimApril 17, 2024

Why South Korea is experiencing an overprescription of antidepressants

Despite increased awareness, high costs and systemic issues lead to overreliance on antidepressants over therapy

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMarch 5, 2024

Egg-freezing surge in South Korea signals deeper demographic woes

Efforts to encourage childbearing clash with concerns over medical risks and social impact

Hyojin KimHyojin KimFebruary 12, 2024

South Korea faces human rights backslide in 2023

From classrooms to military barracks, stories of struggle and resilience unfold in the battle for rights and equality

Hyojin KimHyojin KimJanuary 4, 2024

South Korea’s disabled left behind in urban tech boom with public transport woes

In a country renowned for its tech prowess, South Korea’s disabled fight for equitable public transport access

Hyojin KimHyojin KimDecember 11, 2023