December 05, 2023


Hyojin Kim

Hyojin Kim

Hyojin Kim is a former reporter at the Korea Times, South Korea’s largest English-language daily, where she covered South Korean politics and the National Assembly.


How South Korea’s academic pressure fueling youth mental health emergency

Unprecedented surge in psychiatric issues among youth leads experts to call for educational and social reforms

Hyojin KimHyojin KimNovember 23, 2023

Why pediatric care in South Korea faces a precipitous decline

Economic challenges drive closures and force practitioners to seek more lucrative avenues, escalating the crisis

Hyojin KimHyojin KimAugust 3, 2023

Working through retirement: How South Korea’s pension system is failing seniors

Record-low birth rates, declining workforce and shifting family structures contribute to Korea’s elderly poverty crisis

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMay 29, 2023

Graduating from marriage: How elderly Korean couples are reimagining wedlock

Alternative marital arrangements are increasingly popular as couples seek to preserve family ties while avoiding divorce

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMay 1, 2023

Seize the day: Why young Koreans spend lavishly on luxuries, despite the costs

Experts warn of financial risks as social media and bleak economic outlook drive young people’s spending habits

Hyojin KimHyojin KimApril 17, 2023

Why more and more South Koreans are choosing not to have children

Child care costs, unhelpful workplaces and shifting values drive what expert says is ‘rational choice’ to go childless

Hyojin KimHyojin KimMarch 14, 2023

In South Korea, trauma scene cleaners mop up lonely deaths and profits

More people are dying alone without anyone knowing, and a growing number of businesses help make bodies disappear

Hyojin KimHyojin KimFebruary 20, 2023