July 22, 2024


Harry Clynch

Harry Clynch

Harry Clynch is a journalist based in London. He has a broad interest in international affairs and the international markets, with a particular focus on East Asia. Follow him on Twitter @clynchharry.


South Korea warily opens its forex market, eyeing growth but fearing instability

Experts welcome Seoul’s plans to expand trading hours and open to international investors, despite inherent risks

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchDecember 15, 2023

Why France’s green drive sparks trade concerns in South Korea

France’s revamped EV subsidies may favor domestic manufacturers, putting EU-South Korea trade agreements to the test

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchOctober 30, 2023

Unresolved Westinghouse lawsuit clouds South Korea’s nuclear export plans

While Korean nuclear firms see room for domestic growth, their export efforts remain shackled by US court’s indecision

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchSeptember 20, 2023

Managing South Korea’s record-high household debt: A dual challenge

The Bank of Korea seeks a “soft economic landing,” but the country’s central bank faces a precarious situation

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchJuly 5, 2023

From boom to gloom: Rising interest rates deliver blow to South Korean startups

Efforts to counter inflation have led to slump in startup investment, but solutions could drive up financial risks

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchJune 1, 2023

Why collapse of South Korean blockchain won’t derail country’s crypto market

A supportive administration and cash volatility make crypto an enduring option, but more regulation is coming

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchJanuary 19, 2023

Why South Korea’s currency had such a volatile year

Indicators suggest won is trending better, but the ROK economy remains at mercy of external factors beyond its control

Harry ClynchHarry ClynchDecember 28, 2022