March 02, 2024


Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor-at-large at The Diplomat. Follow him on Twitter.


South Korea launches space surveillance, raises regional security questions

While enhancing surveillance capabilities, Seoul’s space-based ISR capability may exacerbate existing regional tensions

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaDecember 7, 2023

US boosts extended deterrence visibility to ensure reciprocal assurances

NCG meeting and USS Kentucky’s visit to Busan occur amid South Korean debates about independent nuclear capability

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJuly 21, 2023

Why South Korea is looking to AI and emerging tech to bolster its defenses

AI could help Seoul quickly improve its intel and recon capabilities, but major technological limitations remain

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaApril 28, 2023